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Early Career

Laying the foundations for a sustainable & enjoyable career in sports.
Development is key with emphasis on slowly steering the athlete towards what a professional career would be and how to sustain that.  

Athlete Development 

Support in both physical and mental development of a young athlete, designed to compliment and enhance the existing coaching program.

Diet & Nutrition also plays a large part in the development, ensuring that these are scheduled into a practice/tournament/match-play schedule.

College Recruitment 

Fully comprehensive college recruitment support delivered in partnership with Sport USA.

Creating a pathway for the athlete ensures that the educational element is a large part of the developmental process.

Academy Network 

Access our global network of clubs and academies to take your performance to the next level. 

Career Planning 

We build an athlete 'Business Plan' that provides the blueprint for the athletic career. 

Understanding the individual needs is key to mapping the process they take. 

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