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EM7 Coaching and Series Athlete have collaborated to a brand new innovative football and education program designed for individuals aged 16-19. This unique course is a compelling alternative to traditional sixth form or college education in the UK.

Our Story

A pioneering force in the realm of sports and education

Welcome to EM7xSA International Sports Academy, a venture driven by passion, expertise, and a shared vision to redefine football education. Established by the dynamic trio of Eddie McGoldrick, a seasoned ex-Premier League footballer; his son, Josh McGoldrick, a skilled football coach; and Dan Kearns, the visionary sports agent at Series Athlete – EM7xSA International Sports Academy stands as a pioneering force in the realm of sports and education.

Our journey was ignited by a common dream – to make the unparalleled coaching experience synonymous with the Premier League accessible to all. This dream materialised when Eddie and Josh teamed up with Dan, synergising their individual strengths in playing, coaching, and talent scouting. Thus, the first-of-its-kind EM7xSA International Football Academy, seamlessly integrated with a full-time education program, was born.

EM7 Football Academy has been running football and education programs for over a decade, offering young post-16 students the opportunity to pursue a full-time education alongside a full-time football course. We recognize that every young student aspires to become a professional footballer, but only a small percentage ever make it like our own EM7 Eddie McGoldrick did. 

Eddie, despite leaving school with limited education, enjoyed a distinguished career. However, we understand that not everyone's journey will be the same. Therefore, we provide you with the perfect platform in both education and football to succeed, creating pathways into full and semi-professional football clubs, alongside university and scholarship placements, ultimately leading to careers in the billion-pound sports industry.

This is the reason EM7 FOOTBALL ACADEMY was born. 


Series Athlete

Series Athlete, an International Sports Management Agency, specialises in discovering, developing, and managing football athletes globally. As a sports consultancy, we offer traditional management services along with educational support, guiding athletes from pre-professional stages to professional careers and retirement. We're the only global provider ensuring a seamless educational to professional transition, including post-career opportunities.

Our mission is to unlock the best opportunities for athletes at every career stage, from sponsorships to personal branding. We leverage extensive networks, offering dedicated pathways for athletes to build successful, sustainable careers, regardless of their journey’s direction.

We provide focused pathways for athletes to train, trial, and play, preparing them for top-level professional football requirements in countries like England, Mexico, the United States, Hungary, Italy, France, Germany, and others.

Based in the UK with global offices, including recent openings in Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Los Angeles, Series Athlete is led by elite athlete development experts.

Meet the

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Eddie McGoldrick

Head of Football Operations

Eddie McGoldrick, a distinguished former professional player, carved out an illustrious career in the Premier League, notably representing Northampton Town FC, Crystal Palace FC, Arsenal FC, and Manchester City FC. Additionally, he proudly represented the Republic of Ireland during the 1994 World Cup. Transitioning seamlessly into coaching, McGoldrick has served as an academy coach for Northampton Town FC, Leicester City FC, and Crystal Palace FC. Presently, he occupies the pivotal role of head coach for the Crystal Palace FC Foundation, overseeing football and education programs. McGoldrick's coaching prowess is underscored by his possession of a fully qualified UEFA coaching license, and he brings over two decades of coaching experience to his current position.


Director & Academy Coach

Josh McGoldrick

Josh McGoldrick, a former scholar of Northampton Town FC, served as the captain of the U18s/reserves and underwent training with the NTFC 1st team. Additionally, he has garnered experience as a non-league player, participating at step 2 and 3, as well as various other levels. A highly qualified professional, McGoldrick holds a UEFA coaching license and possesses over seven years of coaching experience. He brings a wealth of expertise to the domain of personal training and strength coaching, having been fully qualified in this capacity for six years.

Daniel Kearns


Daniel Kearns is the Director of the Sports & Management Agency, Series Athlete. With  vast experience, both in the tennis & football world for over 30 years, a wealth of knowledge can be utilised and passed onto young athletes. Has also competed as an elite tennis player and was a former coach to world ranked tennis players, so brings a wealth of knowledge to that critical developmental element of an athletes journey, form initially starting out, but also to the Elite end of a players development, successes and post career activities.  The educational aspect of an athlete is core to Series Athlete and also pivotal to the personal development of any athlete in providing the guidance (specific to each athlete) on varying pathways & placements. Again, this is a core belief and element of the business and Daniel too.

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'A compelling alternative to traditional sixth form or college education in the UK'

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